How We Help Businesses

 Data Is The Most Important Currency Used In Commerce Today!”

Alongside these shifts in power, consumerism is evolving from being about the masses to a “story of one”. 

Consumers expect the experience to be unique to them.  

Forbes Magazine

Cause branding and corporate responsibility research indicate that 83% of Americans believe that companies have a responsibility to help support causes. More importantly, regarding both your business and our program, is that 92% of those consumers have a more positive feeling and connection with a company who directly supports the cause they personally care about.

The B-Causes “They win U win” viral technology and Marketplace solve that problem by building your customer list and associating your brand with countless causes. This creates more engagement, more word of mouth, more loyalty and more customers for your business. And more customers mean more revenue.

Participating in the B-Causes business builder program allows your business to run unlimited timed contests throughout the year capturing downloadable text, email and phone opt-in data that gives you the ability to sort and tag each consumer by the cause that is most important to them.

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