How We Help Businesses


We are B-Causes, a purpose driven firm, designed to help thousands of causes raise the funds needed to carry out their mission of lifting lives and helping others. We can do this while giving your business the opportunity to be part of the 2.6-billion- dollar cause marketing industry with a smart multi-cause marketing program.

Cause branding and corporate responsibility research have indicated that 83% of Americans say companies have a responsibility to help support causes. More importantly regarding your business and our program is that 92% of those consumers have a more positive feeling and connection with a company who supports the cause they care about.

So how do you choose, when there are over 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the US alone? Which causes do you support? Which ones do you say, “We’re sorry we just can’t support everyone.”?

B-Causes has been designed to solve that problem and associate your brand with countless causes. One campaign, connecting with individuals linked to a cause that they care about.

B-Causes markets through multiple non-profit organizations sharing promotional offers in the geographical areas specific to their individual supporters that engage with the B-Causes program.

B-Causes provides you the data of every single purchase and what cause the consumer is associated with. This gives you contact control to drive repeat business and develop a real cause marketing program.