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Reiki is a Japanese practice of channeling universal energy in order to promote physical healing as well as increase emotional wellness in the recipient. Reiki healing is commonly given through direct contact by “laying on hands,” yet there are additional methods that allow for remote healing over long distances and even across the individual’s timeline. The effects it has on the recipient are always beneficial, providing relaxation and serenity in addition to the regenerative powers it grants to mind, spirit, and body. It also helps to balance the main energy nodes of the body, called chakras.

About Us

Let Dimensions Reiki become your source of health and wellness through our practice of the Usui System of Natural Healing, commonly known as Reiki. Reiki healing helps to remind the body, mind, and spirit of a state of wellness, at once both relaxing and energizing, and our practice of Reiki is the driving of intention to channel universal healing and light into our clients.  In conjunction with its non-invasive nature, Reiki helps to promote balance and health, helping to address many physical ailments.  It continues to be used as a complementary practice for most common medical procedures, soothing resulting symptoms and speeding healing, and it is effective both in person and remotely through distance healing.  With our psychic connection to Spirit, our medical intuition helps us identify the root causes of physical and emotional dis-ease.  Sign up for a Reiki session or a psychic reading today!

Terms & Conditions

Limit 1 per person per visit. Redeemable only for in-office sessions (Matawan, NJ)