Charitable Employee Benefit Access Program

The B-Causes Charitable Employee Benefit Program utilizes purchasing power that creates great savings to your employees while associating your company as a company that cares about giving back. Your employees will receive over 300,000 savings offers local and nationwide. 25% of the cost goes directly to a charity each employee cares most about.

Pay for your employees or give them the option to participate in this exclusive program as a perk allowing them to feel great about helping others.

Visit and view some of the great values for your employees as they will receive access to offers such as:

  • Up to $300 in manufacturer’s grocery coupons (daily)
  • As much as 50% off major brands
  • 100 travel points that saves more than $100 in most cases
  • 25% off movie theater tickets
  • And so much more...


Each employee will receive a B-Causes Everyday Savings Charitable Employee Benefits Access Card from you. This card will send them to a designated URL for registration which allows them to pick the charity that they want the 25% of the membership fee to go to.

Your employee while registering enters a unique voucher number printed on their card providing access for their one year membership.

A welcome email will provide a link to a “members only” mobile app for your employee to have instant access with offers wherever they may be everyday.