Get on the list that allows your charity to be chosen to receive funds when a purchase is made.

Step 1:

Registering your information today starts the process and simply allows your organizations name to be placed on a list to be selected by a consumer who wants funds to go to your cause on a purchase they are making. Your organization will be assigned a B-Causes team member that can answer your questions on utilizing all of our free programs while providing you documentation for board approval.



B-Causes is a purpose driven platform that has been formed to help thousands of causes raise the funds that are needed to carry out their missions of lifting lives and helping others.

We understand your passion as well as your struggles. Several years ago, our founder started a cause based on a calling to share his personal experiences and help those in need. In the trenches, he soon realized that in order to continue helping individuals, he had to concentrate most, if not all, of his efforts on fundraising instead of his passion– being with those who truly needed help.

We understand the frustration of trying to build your reach and the never ending fundraising events you organize. We understand the disappointing comments received from friends “I already did a charity walk for another cause”, “I already attended a golf outing for another nonprofit”, “I already gave money for something similar”. Currently, the nonprofit community is very protected and competitive. However, this is all coming to an end B-Cause we have the answer!

We have combined decades of our business and marketing experiences to develop B- Causes. We created a platform that offers multiple strategies allowing each cause to increase their reach, raise on going funds, and feed each other at the same time.


1B-Cause we provide discounted promotional business offers that are targeted to the geographical areas specific to your individual supporters and your Cause receives fifteen percent (15%) of the collected revenue. Viral action is promoted and tracked. Individual supporters “$ave and Lift lives” with every purchase.
2B-Cause we provide a platform to list your In-Kind Donations whereby these products and services are sold, and in special cases auctioned, converted into cash and your Cause receives eighty percent (80%).
3B-Cause we provide to your cause, all of the data from each promotional offer that is purchased from your supporters. This will help build your reach and gives you the ability to thank and engage these new supporters.
4B-Cause we pay a two percent (2%) residual commission to your cause when a member from our database who is linked to your organization buys In-Kind Donations listed by another Cause.
5B-Cause we provide a free sponsorship directory giving your Cause another opportunity to solicit new supporters
6B-Cause we offer the B-Causes Everyday Savings Card which generates a one-time contribution to your cause for each card purchased. For each card sold to your supporters, your organization will earn thirty percent (30%) of the purchase price. Cardholders will have access to over 350,000 discount offers both locally and nationwide, including instant online access once they receive their unique pin code.
7There are absolutely no fees to get started.