The Working Together for Good (WTFG) business opportunity was created as the marketing arm for the vision of B-Causes. Our vision is to build the largest group of individuals coming together to do good work.

Every transaction made in the B-Causes’ ecosystem will save money for the consumer and raise funds for the member’s charity. The larger we become…the more deals we can offer, the more deals we have to offer…the more money we raise to help others.

Have you ever said these words? “If I could earn my living helping others, then I think I’d feel more fulfilled.” If so, then the WTFG Purpose-Driven membership is an opportunity for you. Our business opportunity was designed so that you can participate at whatever level you are able to.

We thought long and hard about how we would engage thousands of good people who would want to be part of something that had the potential of being very impactful on others while providing the opportunity to work at something that would also make a difference to their family financially.

We need your help to make this vision a reality

Be part of something good. Join us!

Contact the Purpose-Driven Member Affiliate
who shared this opportunity with you to get all of the details.

Interest Biz-op Video from B-Causes on Vimeo.