"B-Causes is a platform that has been built to share all of these methods and provide all the assets and instructions on how to do it with no upfront fees to get started."


B-Causes has been developed from real strategies that were founded by the Visual Experience Foundation (VEF) a 501(c)(3) purpose driven, mission based cause. VEF entered into the nonprofit arena in 2014 to impact the lives of those diagnosed with incurable eye disease.


Like many other organizations, Visual Experience Foundation had explored all opportunities to raise funds for their cause. During one of their "Visual Wish" endeavors, they brought a young man losing his vision to the Grand Canyon, accompanied by his guide dog. They received tremendous news coverage by multiple networks, including ABC World News, which alone was viewed by more than 10 million people. Their hope after this exciting news coverage was that VEF would raise awareness and funds needed to continue to provide experiences like this to so many others. Astonishingly, ZERO donations came in!

Born in 1961 Michael was the youngest baby in the world to have Glaucoma surgery, he was just a few days old
ABC World News shares the story of Michael teaching another losing vision the "Burn it" technique he developed growing up faced with the possibility of blindness.

Although the terrific news coverage may not have raised any money for VEF, it did help raise awareness for the visually impaired and validated the importance and purpose of their organization's mission. Moving forward, they began focusing on what other organizations were doing to raise the necessary funds and quickly found themselves competeing for the same supporters and grants. Often they were left with empty apologies and repetitive excuses like, "I just did a walk for little Johnny down the street's organization" or "I donate regularly to such-and-such foundation." While every cause is important, VEF had hit a dead end. After all, there are over 1.5 million nonprofit organizations out there working to raise money for their particular cause, just like VEF!

Still with sight and grateful for his vision Michael continues to share with organizations

There are so many fine details, struggles and expenses associated with running and operating a successful nonprofit organization that are often overlooked by the public. While some people may never understand these struggles, WE DO!


VEF decided to utilize their 30 years of marketing and business development experience by using various sales strategies that included driving business traffic on and offline, barter and trade, as well as in-kind donation sponsorship. VEF started marketing beyond their reach, liquidating donated goods and services and eventually received a return on their investments. These strategies proved to be extremely useful and it was decided these practices should be shared with the rest of the nonprofit world.


Thus, our mission was born.


B-Causes... "Working Together For Good"


"Take these lessons and strategies, build a platform and create the online assets that can be used by as many causes who want to engage. Build it so that everyone can eventually feed each other instead of competing for the same donors. Help as many as you can. Give more than most. Be better than the discounted buying programs that everyone joins. Give the data created to the causes for free, and don’t handcuff the causes to charge them later. Help the causes build their reach beyond their own capabilities. Keep your thought process pointed towards being "other-centered" instead of "self-centered" and be true to your slogan." This was the answer to a simple prayer - how can I do more.


Working Together For Good. This is the mission of B-Causes!