Voucher Program

Raise immediate funds at your next nonprofit event with the Everyday Savings Program. Supporters have access to over 350,000 offers nationwide!

  • No upfront cost to your organization.
  • 50% of cost goes to your organization.
  • Supporter receives code to register online & you have access to the Data.
  • 15% is paid to your organization on B-Causes local offers all year long.

How it Works


B-Causes provides non-activated codes to your organization.


B-Causes supplies Template Certificate that explains the program with space for your unique URL and access code.


Your organization makes the cash sale, collects the funds, hands the certificate with the access code to the supporter.


Your organization lines out on your code spreadsheet that this code was issued (these will be random codes but numbered for reporting back the sequential groups of codes that were sold).


Payment for the total codes sold and the numbered groups of codes sold are submitted to B-Causes.


Codes are activated for the supporters to be valid as payment when registering for their Everyday Savings Program access.

Your organization has raised immediate funds and those that register and use the code will be Data accessible for you to reach for additional correspondence. If any of these individuals purchase any B-Causes local offers outside the access program 15% is paid to your organization. In 72 hours the sold codes will be activated.